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On this live webinar, the Queen of Storytelling - Pam Obasa  - will show you…
  • The Secret Weapon of all 6 and 7 Figure Coaches and Consultants (The ONLY 3 Steps You Need To Create A Flood Of High-Ticket Clients)
  • How to build out a Webinar that CONVERTS at it's BEST (This one crucial step is your 7 Figure strategy unlocked) 
  • How to use my UNIQUE 'V5 Storyselling Formula' to stand out from the noise and have prospects queuing to work with you (Nail this and you will easily charge 5x your closest competition and still be fully booked)
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Presenter Pam Obasa
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  •   How Pam was able to close at 60% conversion on her webinar, selling High-Ticket (HINT: She was the only one creating webinars in this way)
  •   How Pam went from selling her program at $500 per client to selling out at $9,000 per client in 7 weeks (HINT: This was the SAME program)
  •   What Pam discovered after analysing 6 and 7 Figure High-ticket Coaches (You'd be shocked to learn the simple 3-step funnel they use and how you can do the exact same thing)
  •   How Pam's biggest and most embarrassing mistake turned into her best webinar closing rate ever (And how you can ethically replicate it to create a cue of PREMIUM clients)
  •   The shift Pam made in her business that catapulted her growth and success virtually overnight. (It doesn’t make sense on the surface, which is why nobody does it… but it works sooooo much better!)
  •   Why you should NEVER handle objections on a Discovery Call… and what you should do instead. It seems counter-intuitive, but it will make complete sense the second I say it.
  •   The #1 reason most Coaches and Consultants remain broke (and what you can do to make sure your programs always sell out)
  •   Why 'Story-selling' is perfect for the shyest people… (in fact, in this case, you're going to create a flood of clients because they'll love you for who you are)
  •   How to create a rush of PREMIUM Clients, even if you hate selling and are terrible at it. (Maybe for you, selling is scary and that’s totally fine. But here’s the good news... if you get this one part of your system right, you don't have to be pushy, sleazy, slimy and borderline bullying people to work with you! You barely have to sell at all and you can still have massive success!

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